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Looking for an experienced and reliable full service commercial concrete repair company? Look no further! K.D. Cement has been in business for 6+ years with a management team that has a combined 40+ years of construction experience. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate!


Commercial Concrete Repair

Commercial concrete is broadly defined as any concrete used to build or enhance business facilities such as retail stores, office buildings, restaurants, and apartment buildings. Commercial concrete has a greater demand for durability and structural integrity compared to residential concrete due to the amount of foot and vehicle traffic at commercial buildings. K.D. Cement specializes in the repair of all commercial interior and exterior concrete including drive lanes, approaches, sidewalk, storm structures dumpster pads, curb and gutter, frost slabs, etc.

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Light Industrial

Light Industrial Interior/ Exterior

Industrial concrete is broadly defined as any concrete used to build or enhance business facilities such as manufacturing, distribution, waste management, utility providers, and airports. The concrete designs for industrial use are similar to commercial in terms of structural integrity and durability but usually require a greater thickness and heavy-duty steel reinforcement. K.D. Cement specializes in the repair of all light industrial concrete including interior slabs on grade, interior trenching, truck wells, dock levelers, drive lanes, storm structures, dumpster pads, sidewalk, curb and gutter, etc.

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Municipal Concrete Repair

Municipalities in Southeast Michigan face the same problems as commercial and industrial property owners. Concrete slabs become cracked, sunken, and uneven from forces out of our control like our Michigan winters. Every year cities and towns create budgets for repairing damaged concrete and asphalt hard surfaces. These municipalities request bids from contractors to complete the work. Over the last 6 years, K.D. Cement has partnered with municipalities across southeast Michigan including Sterling Heights, Livonia, Ecorse, Wixom, and Milford. We have completed contracts for citywide sidewalk repairs, storm structure repairs, road repairs, and traffic signal updates.

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